Planning townhouses

Two-level townhouses

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The total area

120,1 m2

First floor
1.Kitchen-studio45,00 m2
2.Study14,00 m2
3.bathroom3,2 m2
Second floor
4.Hall4,20 m2
5.Bathroom5,70 m2
6.Bedroom 113,00 m2
7.Bedroom 217,00 m2
8.Bedroom 318,00 m2

Three-level townhouses

The total area

180,0 m2

First floor
1.Kitchen-studio45,00 m2
2.Study14,00 m2
3.Bathroom3,2 m2
Second floor
4.Hall4,20 m2
5.Bathroom2,60 м2
6.Bathroom3,00 м2
7.Bedroom 113,00 m2
8.Bedroom 217,00 m2
9.Bedroom 318,00 m2
Third floor
10.Restroom47,00 m2

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Selling of townhouses

A townhouse is a quite new format of housing, which quickly spread in Ukraine and found its admirers. Such housing is widely known in many countries of the world, and in our country nowadays. It is an original idea, where as a result there are combined a flat and a house. To buy a townhouse in Kyiv means to become an owner of a house and a flat at the same time. The town, where there will be located your house – is a big friendly family. On buying finished townhouses, you become an owner not only of a house, but also of a small plot of land, where you can equip your own backyard for barbecue, an orchard or a place for family parties – everything that you wish. Buying of townhouse does not greatly differ from buying of other types of housing, however, your should be aware of differences. Buying of townhouse can be carried out by a developer, as well as by a middleman, who wants to make some money with it. Be attentive! So, to buy successfully a townhouse in Kyiv, you should follow simple instructions that are described below.

How to buy a townhouse from a developer?

1. You should get acquainted with advantages and disadvantages of owning of a townhouse.

  • You should attentively analyze projects of townhouses. Most of them consist of two levels, and sometimes of even three and four ones. As a rule living rooms, dining rooms and a toilet are located on the first floor, and all bedrooms, office rooms and bathrooms are located on the second and third levels. If you are not ready or you are not able to go upstairs and downstairs on the regular basis, then probably such housing is not a good variant for you. Of course, there are some variants of townhouses, where everything is located on the same floor, however, they are not of frequent character, as one floor of residential area for each townhouse requires to much land. There are projects of townhouses for 2 families and more, and there are also townhouses with a garage and open parking place.
  • You should examine methods of building of townhouses, which are under your attention. Flats as well as townhouses have their common division walls. Noisy neighbours won’t be a great problem, if the walls are constructed in the proper way and have excellent sound insulation. Good developers do not save on it.
  • You should pay attention at quality of used materials and communications. If a residential town is absolutely new, then it is sure to be no problems with utility systems, however, it cannot be said about materials. You should carefully examine building materials that are used by a developer. They are to be ecologically safe. Materials of inner and external dividing walls are to have good heat insulation for your house to be really economical.
  • Planning of a townhouse is also a very important aspect. A plan of a townhouse is to be thought-out and comfortable. Good developers often give to a customer the right to decide by him/herself where there will be located inner walls. However, you should be careful, usually such a possibility is available only for a certain stage of building, that is why, if you want to determine a plan of your townhouse by yourself, then you should not hesitate with taking of a decision.
  • You should assess safety of the object. Closed and protected territory of the town is a perfect variant, if you care about safety of your family. You should pay attention at the fact whether it is provided with a project of a living complex and how it is carried out by a developer. We should point out that if fencing and territory protection are not provided with a project from the very beginning, then tenants of the town can do it in the future, however, you should understand that a project and its realization will be at your expense in this case. And there is no a small price for that.

    3. Buying of a townhouse from a developer but not with help of a middleman – is a guarantee of absence of unspoken conditions and fraud. Besides, a developer provides a guarantee for a number of executed works and used materials, that is why a developer is obliged to fix them at his/her expense in case of guarantee events. Such selling of a townhouse is a perfect variant for those, who want to get only quality goods.

    Taking into account all abovementioned information, we can tell you the following things about “Charivni Stezhky” living complex: our living complex is a perfect place, where there is closely connected quality, safety, care about the nature and desire to provide a customer with what he/she is looking for. Our price complies with our quality, and the cost of such housing will be a good surprise for you. We are interested not only in selling of a townhouse, but we want to make our customers happy as well! We will help you to make your own plan of a townhouse and it won’t have any influence on its price! Individual planning of a townhouse and there is no change of a price! Your choice is to buy housing from a developer of “Charivni Stezhky” living complex in Lisnyky near Kyiv.