Complex characteristics:

Height ceilings2.85m
Number of houses11
Number of floors5 houses with three floors
6  houses with two floors
Foundationband ferroconcrete monolithic foundation
External walls materialgas concrete with the thickness of 375 mm
Inside walls materialsolid brick
Ceilingferroconcrete monolithic with the thickness of 200 mm
Roofingmetal tile (with the effective heat insulation of 250 mm)
Facade dressingtextured finish on mineral wool heat insulator (with the thickness of 100 mm)
Windowsmetal-plastic windows with a bicameral energy efficient glass unit
Doorsentrance doors are metal (with insulation)
Water supplya well
Heatingceramic panels
Canalizationthe full cycle of processing wastewater. Wastes processed to the level of pure process water.

Gas concrete consists of 80% of air blisters that provide high heat insulation of premises, and expenses for heating will be reduced for 20-30% herewith. As a result, it is warm in the house in winter, and it is cool in summer. Because of its vesicular structure, gas concrete has a high ability to absorb a sound. As a result, there is no necessity to take additional measures for improvement of sound insulation.

Gas concrete is a non-inflammable fire safe material. It does not burn, it does not emit toxic elements and it prevents spreading of flame during a fire.
Not great weight of gas concrete blocks does not influence on their strength. According to standards houses, that are made of gas concrete, can have 3 floors. In case of proper mounting a service life of constructions, that are made of gas concrete blocks, will make not less than 100 years.

Inner brick
Solid ceramic bricks are used for construction of bearing elements of buildings. Main requirements, that are applied to such bricks, are the highest bonding and compression strength, as well as low water absorption and high frost resistance.